Things To Do Outside Of Disney World: 5 Unforgettable Adventures

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Disney World’s theme parks can occupy you for weeks on end. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something a bit different to experience near the Parks, but not necessarily inside of them, I am here to give you a list of my Top-5 Things to do Outside of Disney World's Theme Parks to take part in while you are vacationing at Walt Disney’s Resorts. Disclaimer, these are a few of my favorite activities that my family and I have loved for years. This does not mean that you will enjoy or have the time to do all of them as well, at that is perfectly okay! 


Tubing at the Contemporary

Head on down to Disney’s Contemporary Resort for a slew of water sports including parasailing, wakeboarding, tubing, and water skiing. Although catching some waves on the wakeboard or parasailing through the clear waters brings an immense serene feeling, if you are arriving with your family, the tubing option is the choice that you will want to make. Try to hold on as best you can as you get pulled along…

if you can’t, you’ll into the water! This is the perfect afternoon idea as you can book a 1-2 hour session, where you are also able to experience the other water sports as well if you get tired of one of them. You will be given all of the safety gear needed and will be supervised by expert instructors as well, so if you can’t keep an eye on your little ones the whole time, there will also be a close eye on them by one of the instructors. 


Swim In Your Hotel’s Pool

This is so easy and simple but is something that people tend to forget about as they are rushing around the Parks. On a day when you are ready to relax a bit after finishing off one of the major theme parks, head back to the hotel to enjoy the many pools that Disney resorts have to offer. Of course, the main objective of everyone’s trip is to get as much as they can do in the little amount of time that is available, which is amazing on its own, but if you are someone who has booked an extended trip past a few days, there will be a time where you just want to rest in or by the pool.

If you are a pool type of family like mine, when you are reserving your hotel ahead of time, make sure to ask about their pool services so you don't disappointed later if they do not offer one up to your standards!

Mini Golf

Who doesn’t like a bit of chill mini golf on a refreshing night on vacation? This is the ultimate chance to finally beat your child who has beaten you for the past four years in mini golf! Better yet, you will have options as to where you want to take on your family on your mini-golf adventures, as Disney World has a few locations. Winter Summerland and Fantasia Gardens are the two options that you can choose from, with Fantasia Gardens being the more difficult course of the two. Winter Summerland, it positions next to Blizzard Beach, so you can knock two birds out with one stone if you are willing to put in a bit after your journey throughout Blizzard Beach ends. this one of the place I liked in my list of Top-5 Things to do Outside of Disney World's Theme Parks.

Watch A Movie Under The Stars 

One of the more romantic chances that you can take advantage of in Disney World is to go outside the pool area on specific nights listed to watch a Disney movie under the stars. The majority of the time the movie hours listed by the hotel front desk, but if you are eager to know the exact dates and times and can not find them there, you can always ask a staff member one-on-one. Depending on which resort you are stationed at, several of them go overboard and will serve snacks and drinks or will have a campfire with marshmallows before the movie starts so you can sit back and enjoy the movie in style. Although many couples take advantage of this intimate opportunity to enjoy a Disney movie together under the night sky, everyone is welcome and you will see a storm of children there as well!

Horseback Riding At Fort Wilderness

One of the less crowded, unique options on your trip is to get over to Fort Wilderness to horseback ride on an alluring, wooded trail at The Cabins and Campsites. This will cost you 55$ plus tax per person, but I can assure you that every dollar spent will be worth it once you can take in the astounding scenery. If you are hoping to take part in this, I recommend you reserve a spot ahead of time because the availability has always been iffy when I have tried to head out onto the trails without a reservation. Lastly, although it might sound obvious to you, dress appropriately in closed-toed shoes, as they will not let you on unless you abide by the rules. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are someone like me and have been to Disney World a cluster of times, it is enjoyable to find “other” things to do other than everything that is inside of the Parks. This leads me to search for fun things for my family and me to participate in so that our trip is even more special every time around. This list (Top-5 Things to do Outside of Disney World's Theme Parks) is of a few of the best experiences that we have had away from the main Parks but not limited to the endless amount of opportunities that Disney World has to offer. Always do what you can do and do not feel sorry for yourself if you aren’t able to get to everything because it happens to all of us parkgoers! 

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