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The Tree Of Life Disney World Attraction

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The Tree of Life at Disney World is one of the most exciting and popular attractions in the entire park. While many Disney world rides and shows can attract visitors, this iconic tree is legendary on its own.

But what makes the Tree of Life so special? Well, for starters, it's not just a magnificent tree. It's a whole adventure waiting to be explored right in the middle of the theme park. In addition to being a photo spot. There are a few interesting facts you should know if you want to experience the maximum magic of this attraction.

The tree of life (Disney) photos you capture here will undoubtedly become cherished memories. The intricate carvings on the tree's surface tell stories that echo through time, giving an extra layer of enchantment to your visit

Of course, some might argue that other attractions are the best in the park. This may include the Tower of Terror or the Pirates of the Caribbean. But if you know the magical story behind it, the Tree of Life tops the other iconic attractions.

An Overview Of The Tree Of Life At Disney World


The Tree of Life in Disney is a 145-foot-long iconic landmark with a 50 feet wide base. Located in the Animal Kingdom park, the artificial tree features over 300 animal carvings on its trunk and branches, showcasing the diversity of life on earth.

Visitors can also enjoy the “It's Tough to be a Bug!” show inside the great tree, which utilizes a 3D technological marvel and audio-animatronics to immerse guests in the world of insects. An article in Orlando Sentinel published that the Tree of Life in Disney is a beloved attraction for visitors worldwide.

Discovery Island Trails


If you are a person who loves to capture every exciting moment of your life, Discovery island is the perfect way for you. With your Disney tickets, the trails of Discovery island go below the massive tree towers, where you can get a close view of the animals carved into the tree.

These beautiful animal carvings have all the animals of Disney World. From Mickey, the famous mouse, to Lion King, it contains not only the existing but also extinct animal species on its trunk and surrounding roots.

A Short Animated Disney And Pixar Film


Located beneath the burrowing roots of the Tree of Life lies a theater with a seating capacity of 428. This structure's interior base presents “It's Tough to Be a Bug!” a 3D movie experience inspired by the 1998 collaboration between Disney and Pixar film, A Bug's Life. The film provides a glimpse into the survival tactics of bugs in their bug-eat-bug world.

A Bug's Life star, Flik and Hopper, along with a supporting cast of insects, provide a surprising glimpse inside their bug-eat-bug world.

Carvings On The Tree Of Life At Disney World


Based on the natural forms of baobab trees, the tree of life honors animals and has approximately 325 animals carved on its burrowing roots and massive tree towers. Finding the famous mouse is the trickiest part.

A fun fact about the Tree of life is that a chimpanzee was not carved onto the tree until Jane Goodall visited Disney and asked about it. After that, one of her most famous subjects, David Graybeard, became part of the Tree.

Iconic Attractions At Walt Disney World Resort


There are numerous attractions in the theme parks of Walt Disney World, but each park has one iconic symbol that represents the true meaning of the park.

Magic Kingdom has Cinderella castle as its iconic symbol, EPCOT has Spaceship earth, and Animal Kingdom has The Tree Of Life. But if we talk about Disney's Hollywood Studios, there used to be a Magical hat inspired by Mickey's Fantasmic character. Disney brought the attraction down in 2015 and hasn't found a replacement.

The Tree Of Life was opened to the public on April 22, 1998, and has been a famous attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom park since then. The surprising glimpse inside the interconnected nature keeps the visitors amazed and returning.



The Tree of Life is located in Disney's Animal Kingdom park near Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Lake Buena Vista, U.S. The tree's animals are fascinating sculptures of earth's creatures that visitors cannot help but capture every bit of.

Back Story Of The Tree Of Life At Disney World


The Tree of animal life has an amazing backstory of a tiny ant (supporting cast from Bug's life) who planted a seed and wished for the tree to provide shelter to all live animals. The wish came true, and the Tree became an epic visual symbol of earth's creatures' diversity, beauty, and interconnected nature.

Since the tree has no life root system, you can spot the ant inside the great tree along with other live animals.

Mesmerizing View Of The Serene Landscape


Today the Tree of life is an epic visual symbol of Disney park. Apart from the huge tree, it also displays a serene landscape of pools, meadows, and trees. Since there is no life root system, the tree has an animated short for visitors planned inside the tree.

Tree Of Life Honors Animals


The Tree of life honors animals and has more than 300 animals carved on its trunk and surrounding roots. If you are at the attraction from 9:15am to 3:15pm, you can also see a free-flying flock of macaws.

Lastly, the avian expert of Animal Kingdom is there to answer your questions regarding animals on the Tree of life.

Tree Of Life Awakenings In Disney's Animal Kingdom Park


Disney also hosts a nighttime spectacular for its guests. The Tree Of Life Awakenings is a show that starts during the nighttime operating hours of the attraction. Moreover, the show happens every 10 minutes at the attraction.

The show's media preview was presented on April 19, 2016, while the show debuted in Disney on May 27, 2016. It shows a series of projection mapping. The tree lights up at nighttime in the Disney editions of the attraction, making it shine brighter than a diamond.

The Shows


Following are the four presentations relating to Disney's River Of Light soundtrack release:

      • Journey: A playful deer and a watchful hawk.

      • Rendezvous: A hummingbird and flowers.

      • Gift Giver: A red fox in a winter setting.

      • Disney Medley: Animal imagery inspired by Pocahontas, Bambi, Dinosaur, Tarzan, Finding Nemo, Avatar, The Jungle Book, Brother Bear, and The Lion King.

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