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Weather At Disney World: From Rain to Shine

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Florida weather can be brutal to plan for, depending on the time of year you visit. Guests going to Disney can typically prepare for a warm weather visit during the day, no matter what time of year you are going. However, the weather at Disney World varies throughout the time of year, and it could impact your vacation. Getting a few tips when preparing for your Disney vacation is always helpful. 

Weather at Disney World

the Summer Months

The Summer months in Florida for this article typically refer to May, June, July, and August. With these months, you can safely plan for a hot weather forecast. However, in addition to the heat, you will also have to prepare for humidity and rain. 

These months are typically when we see the most rain daily. With the large amount of rain, you must bring a raincoat to protect yourself during the day as there is a chance to rain everyday. Furthermore, bringing extra shoes with you on the trip is always helpful. If you get caught in one of Florida's heavy thunderstorms, your shoes will likely get soaked in the middle of the day. To make sure your feet will not suffer, it would be great to be able to switch shoes and continue with your day.

It is relatively simple to prepare for the humid, hot months. Families must stay as cool as possible throughout the day by wearing lighter, more breathable clothes. Furthermore, remember your swimsuit and sunscreen. The UV index is off the charts in Florida, with an average maximum UV index of 11. In addition, it always helps to bring cooling towels, portable fans, and insulated water bottles to cool you off throughout the day. Finally, hats and sunglasses are vital for making it through your trip. 

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The average high temperature of Disney World is 92 degrees, and the average low is 75 degrees. July is the beginning of the hurricane season in July. Since it is the beginning, it is rare to see a high number of rainy days, but there is an average of 13 rainy days in July. When it does rain, it is typically in the afternoon. 

Since the rain usually occurs in the afternoons, it may be best to get outdoor roller coasters like Big Thunder Mountain or Slinky Dog Dash out of the way in the morning. It is important to note that while rain will not shut these rides down, thunderstorms will.


Despite being the warmest month of the year to go to Disney World, traveling in August can get quite crowded. This is due to the infamous International Food & Wine Festival. Furthermore, many families try to get the last vacation right before school starts—the average jumps in August, with a high average of 91 degrees to 75 degrees. Furthermore, the rain also increases, with an average of 14 days. With these high temperatures coupled with moderate amounts of humidity, it may be best to plan for activities inside in the afternoon to escape the sun. 

Disney World in the Fall

The Fall months in Disney World refer to September and October. The weather at Disney World may still reach warm temperature during these months, this time of year also begins to see some cooler temperatures. Since we start to see a transition to cooler weather, the packing can become more complicated. Families still need to pack for warm weather, but also cooler weather as well. Guests need to bring a light jacket or flannel to prepare for a drop in the temperature. Furthermore, guests should bring a rain jacket or a poncho to avoid paying for the thirty-dollar Mickey poncho. 


The weather starts to taper off in September, but it is still hot and humid. The average high is 89 degrees, with an average low of 74 degrees. Rain also begins to slow down as the average is 11 days of the month. On the upside, the crowds are moderately low with the students back in school. As a result, September is one of the best times of year to go to Disney in terms of crowd levels.

Weather at Disney World


October is a transition month, starting with warmer weather and ending with cooler temperatures. The average high is 85 degrees, with the average low of 68 degrees. The rainfall drastically drops with an average of just five days per month. 

Disney World in the Winter

Many people love traveling south in the colder months thanks to the beautiful weather. The winter months for this article are from November through February, with some excellent weather. The weather at Disney World during the Winter is one of the primary reasons the crowds could be relatively high during these months. Unfortunately, while the humidity could still be high, the rainfall is minimal for these months. 

While it is a pleasant time of year, thanks to the weather forecast, it can also be challenging to pack for. In addition to the typical summer clothes, you will need to fill your suitcase with heavier ones. This is because the Winter weather forecast will bring colder weather, even in the low thirties. 


November is an excellent time of year to visit Disney World. The average temperature ranges from 59 degrees to 78 degrees. Furthermore, there is not a high chance of rain, with this month's average rainfall is just three days, one of the lowest all year. 


The weather in December is very similar to November weather. However, the average does dip a little, with an average high of 74 degrees and an average low of 54 degrees. The average amount of rainfall is just four days in December as well. 

Disney World in the Spring

The Spring months in Orlando, FL, are March, April, and May. The weather at Disney World during these months may bring cooler weather in the earlier months, and warmer weather towards the end of Spring.


The March weather is still quite comfortable, with an average of 75 degrees to 54 degrees. However, you must still bring extra layers as it gets colder at night. 


The weather in April is similar to March, with temperatures reaching 84 degrees and a low of 63 degrees. April can get a little crowded with the Easter holidays and Spring Break coupled with the more excellent weather forecast compared to the summer months. 


May is the transition month from the Spring to Summer months. The beginning of the month comes with similar weather to April and smoothly transitions to the warmer climate of June. Crowds tend to be lighter earlier in the month and gradually increase as the month progresses. Furthermore, the chance of rain during the day increases the further along in the month your vacation is. This is typically due to the Memorial Day weekend, and schools are starting to let out. 

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Understanding the best time of year for you to visit Disney World could significantly impact your vacation. This article's weather information will help you know how the weather transitions throughout the year. Depending on the time of year, you may be more likely to face severe weather, like rain or extreme sun, causing disruption to your vacation and changing how you manage your time. For example, it may be helpful to plan more indoor activities in the afternoon to avoid the hot sun depending on the time of year. Or, plan to watch the sunrise and complete many activities early in the morning!

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