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What Kind Of Dog Is Pluto: Bloodhound Or Pointer?

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People have asked several times, “What kind of dog is Pluto?” Pluto, a beloved character in the Disney universe, has captured the hearts of many. He is one of the faithful canine cuties who serves as an aide to the iconic Mickey and his group of friends. Impressively, Pluto appeared in over 70 years of Disney cartoons, highlighting his enduring popularity.

The Walt Disney Company also created other famous dogs, but distinguishing their breed is not as tricky as Pluto's. Today people know Pluto the pup as the star of Pluto shorts, and he remains a fan favorite. With a small but significant presence in Disney's corpus, Pluto's true breed has been controversial.

The Sensational Six Of Walt Disney


The “Sensational Six” are the first six famous characters of Walt Disney. These animated characters are mostly together in animated shorts. All the members of the Sensational six also have their own series.

People usually ask, what type of dog is Pluto? The characteristics that make him stand out from the pack are his endearing personality and loyalty to his friends. Following are the six famous Disney characters:

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is undoubtedly the most widely known cartoon character in the animation world. He was born thanks to the creative minds of Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks in 1928 and first appeared in the short film “Steamboat Willie.”

After that, Mickey's popularity skyrocketed, and he has been the star of countless cartoons, movies, and even video games! You can easily recognize Mickey by his high-pitched voice, sunny disposition, and those iconic red shorts adorned with yellow buttons.

His voice is so unique, and his laughter is just infectious! It's not an overstatement to say that Mickey Mouse symbolizes hope, perseverance, and optimism that has captured people's hearts worldwide.

Minnie Mouse

Another member of the sensational six is Mickey's sweetheart, Minnie Mouse. They have been together since Mickey's debut in 1928 in “Steamboat Willie.” Minnie has a cheerful personality, and people know her for her stylish, cute outfits and love of polka dots.

She has appeared in numerous shorts alongside Mickey in the Mickey Mouse cartoon series since her debut. The Walt Disney Company has also introduced comics and merchandise of Minnie.

Minnie is one of the powerful Disney characters that has inspired many children to be optimistic, confident, and kind.

Donald Duck

Donald Duck is another character animation that Walt introduced to the world in 1934 in a short film, “The Wise Little Hen.” He also belongs to Mickey's pack and has a distinctive voice and short temper.

His comedic acts made the world adore him, although he's just a duck. He is often times seen wearing a sailor shirt and a hat of the same color. Donald also appears with others in numerous Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Donald Duck has the ability to overcome difficult situations by any means, recover quickly from hardships, and stay loyal to his friends.

Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck is a charming and delightful character who is as endearing as she is stylish. As Donald's main squeeze, she's been a beloved part of the Disney universe since her introduction way back in 1940.

Her pink and purple outfit is as eye-catching as it is fashionable, and her sassy personality is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Daisy is a strong, independent duck who never stops speaking her mind.

Over the years, she appeared in countless cartoons, comics, and merchandise, inspiring young girls to be confident and assertive in their lives. With Daisy around, there's never a dull moment in Disney's animations!


People regard Goofy as one of the Disney franchise's most adored and entertaining characters. His inception dates back to 1932 when he first appeared in a short film named “Mickey's Revue.”

People know Goofy for his distinctive laugh, clumsy demeanor, and amiable disposition. He is frequently observed donning a green turtleneck sweater coupled with an orange vest and is often seen in the company of his close friend, Mickey Mouse, and occasionally near Mickey's dog house.

Goofy is a symbol of friendship, loyalty, and perseverance and remains a beloved character in the hearts of many. Goofy is a tall, anthropomorphic dog who typically wears a turtle neck and vest, with pants, shoes, white gloves, and a tall hat originally designed as a rumpled fedora. While he might not reside in Mickey's dog house, his presence is felt throughout Mickey's adventures.

Pluto Dog

 Pluto is the only dog in the sensational six, or maybe the one who actually acts like a normal dog. He has been part of the Disney universe since 1930 and has featured alongside Mickey Mouse and his friends numerous times.

Regarding Pluto's characterization, he is a fairly normal silent animal companion. Because of this, his facial expressions must communicate to the audience every bit of his personality he has. And the animators have been able to do this fairly well over many years.

Is Pluto Mickeys Dog?
Yes, Pluto is indeed Mickey Mouse's loyal and beloved pet dog. He has been a cherished character in the Disney universe since 1930, often joining Mickey and his friends on exciting adventures

Difference Between Goofy And Pluto As A Dog


Goofy and Pluto are both dogs, but somehow Disney managed to portray a different character by each of them. There is always a debate over whether Goofy is also a dog. Disney has said that he was created as a human character even though he was originally created as “Dippy Dawg.”

This confusing appearance has spawned many pop culture references throughout other shows. Still, Disney maintains that Pluto is a dog, characterized as a pet, while they characterize Goofy as a human character.

Since Goofy is a human character, he can walk upright, wears clothes, and talk to other characters in the Mickey Mouse Series. At the same time, Pluto, the only dog in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, has to convey his messages through his expressing personality.

The Different Dog Breeds

Goofy and Pluto both belong to different hound breeds. People recognize Goofy as a bloodhound, while pluto appears to be of a different dog breed.

When asked, “What kind of dog is Pluto?” Disney stated that it is a mixed-breed dog. Goofy was originally created as Dippy Dawg, while Pluto was originally created as a bloodhound in The Chain Gang.

Pluto has become the most promising dog actor of The Walt Disney Studios by conveying his messages to others using only his expressions.

Famous Disney Dogs In Mickey Mouse Cartoon And Pluto


There are many other famous Disney dogs as cartoon characters that Disney created. Disney introduced some in Mickey Mouse Cartoons and others in Pluto's shorts.

Pluto is a mixed-breed dog, but the other dogs he interacts with are entitled to a specific breed of dog. Some of them are Fifi the Peke is a Pekingese. Dinah the Dachshund, Ronnie the St. Bernard Puppy, and Butch the Bulldog. And then there's Max, the English sheepdog that discovered Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

Disney defined the breed of dog in the character's name. Disney also introduced some characters as relatives of Pluto in “Pluto's Kid Brother.” Dinsey also introduced Pluto's son as “Fifi relatives Pluto Junior.”

Pluto's Debut


Pluto debuted in The Chain Gang as a nameless bloodhound in 1930. Then, he appeared as Minnie Mouse's pet, where he was named Rover. When he appeared in The Moose Hunt in 1931, he was Mickey's pet dog and was officially named Pluto.

Over the years, Pluto has featured in various movies and shorts alongside his owner Mickey Mouse in “Race to Death Valley” and “Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas,” where Goofy tries to restore the magic of Santa Claus.

Pluto's cartoon “Lend A Paw,” voiced by Teddy Barr, received an Oscar for Best Cartoon. Pluto also appeared in “Pluto's Penthouse Sweet” and his silly symphony cartoon, Mother Pluto (1936), showing the story of a proud mom.

Pluto, The Tracking Dog In Chain Gang

Pluto's appearance in Chain Gang as a nameless bloodhound was to track Mickey, who escaped from Jail in the film. The first Bloodhounds were known as “blooded hounds” to acknowledge their aristocratic blood. They were famous for tracking the source of any smell.

Bloodhounds, also known as Sleuth hounds, have floppy ears. When we consider Pluto's debut role as a tracker in Disney's “The Chain Gang,” his Bloodhound ancestry makes sense. But what kind of dog is pluto? It is not a bloodhound or pointer; Pluto is a mixed-breed dog.

The Mystery Behind Pluto's Name

Pluto is not only a dog; as you may know, there is a dwarf planet that goes by the same name. The dwarf planet was discovered on February 18, 1930, and Walt used it to his advantage by giving the same name to his character on 6th August 1930. It interested people in discovering all about the new character having the same name as the new planet.

Pluto is not only a mixed-breed dog but also drawn differently than other Disney dogs. If you focus on Pluto's legs, you'll notice something wrong with the knees of his back legs. Other dogs in Disney animations have normal dog-like legs but not Pluto. Pluto won the hearts of millions after he became Mickey's pet and started helping him on his mysterious adventures.

The Voice Of Pluto Dog

Pluto has no voice of its own, but you can hear exclaiming or sorrowing in some scenes from Disney shorts. There are two voice actors who voiced Pluto, Pinto Colvig (1932-1937), and then again from 1954 to 1957.

The other voice of Pluto is Bill Farmer, who also provides the voice for Goofy in various shorts. Pluto stays loyal to his friends and owner, Mickey, which makes him a lovable character.

Today, Pluto joins Mickey in his mysterious adventures to solve mysteries. Mickey's gang works with the two dogs, Pluto and Goofy, to achieve a specific goal.

Pluto Dog In Disney Parks


Are you wondering whos dog is Pluto? Mickey's pet, Pluto, is a mixed-breed dog that can be seen at Walt Disney World alongside Mickey at various attractions. You can find various Mickey-themed food stands that serve a variety of hot dogs at Disneyland.

Disneyland Resort

You can find the doghouse of Pluto behind Mickey's Toontown at Disneyland. Mickey's Toontown is a famous attraction where you can meet and greet Pluto and also have meals with Mickey's mixed-breed pet.

Walt Disney World

You can find Pluto, the dog, at Magic Kingdom for a meet and greet at Walt Disney World. He also appears at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Mickey and Minnie's Runway Railway. For a great dining experience, Pluto is available at Chef Mickey's at Disney's Contemporary Resort.

Shanghai Disneyland

Pluto appears at the Garden of Twelve Friends in Shanghai Disneyland and represents the Chinese Zodiac symbol of the dog. Pluto at these attractions walks upright and not like on all fours as depicted in cartoons.


Why is Disney Pluto Called Pluto?

Pluto, the Disney character, was introduced as a nameless bloodhound in “The Chain Gang” in 1930. By 1931, he was named “Pluto” and became Mickey's pet. While Pluto's character is officially a mixed-breed dog, his initial depiction had similarities to a bloodhound, which might lead some to wonder about the real Pluto dog breed. Walt Disney possibly named him “Pluto” to capitalize on the popularity of the newly discovered ninth planet.

Is Disney's Pluto related to Pluto?

Disney's Pluto, the fictional dog belonging to Mickey Mouse, is not directly related to the dwarf planet Pluto. However, he was named after the dwarf planet. Pluto the dog is a golden-yellow mutt with a green collar and was introduced in the 1930s around the same time the dwarf planet was discovered and named. The timing led to the character being named “Pluto.”

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