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What To Pack For Disney? Walt Disney World Packing List

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Shorts, Tennis Shoes… Mickey Ears? What to pack for Disney World? It can be difficult to pack light for a Disney vacation. With all that Walt Disney World has to offer, creating a packing list can be difficult. As you begin rifling through your closet to choose what to bring to the most magical place on earth, keep this list on hand. Here is our Disney Packing list with the 6 things to pack on your trip to Disney World.

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Disney Packing List Item #1: Proper Clothing


One of the trickiest parks to creating a Disney World packing list is deciding what clothes to wear. With a variety of activities at your disposal while at the Walt Disney World Resort and a less than predictable climate, it can be difficult to know what to pack. With decades of experience packing for trips to Disney theme parks, here are the essentials you should have on your Disney World packing list.

Light Layers

Florida’s weather is fickle. Hot one minute and cold the next, light layers will save most days throughout the year at Disney World. While a loose sweater might sound unnecessary in the lunch hour, you'll be grateful to have the additional layer on your Disney packing list when the sun goes down for fireworks.

Comfortable Shoes

One of the biggest mistakes that many make at Disney World is not wearing comfortable, waterproof walking shoes. Make sure that you and every member of your party have shoes that can withstand rain, long distances, and the occasional soda spill.


From water rides to resort pools, Disney World has plenty of places to cool down. Adding a bathing suit to your packing list is key to taking advantage of all that Disney has to offer on warmer days.

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Disney Word Packing List Item #2: Weather Gear


While Florida might be nicknamed the sunshine state, it doesn't always live up to it. Having a few items in your packing list to protect you from rain on your Disney World trip can help keep you moving rain or shine.


Easy to carry in a backpack, an umbrella can keep you dry when the inevitable rain shower pops up at Disney World. Considering that many run for cover when the weather becomes wetter, having an umbrella helps you take advantage of shorter lines as everyone's under cover.

Rain Jacket or Poncho

In place of or in addition to an umbrella, a rain jacket or poncho can keep you dry from not only the rain but also the water rides. Even if the weather is perfect, if you have someone in the family the must ride Splash Mountain, make sure that a poncho is at the top of your Disney World packing list.

Disney World Packing List Item #3: Backpack

A backpack is key to ensuring you have everything you need any time you leave the hotel room. It's important that you have a backpack ready and on hand with all the essentials for whenever you venture into the Disney parks. We recommend keeping your backpack stocked with the below items. Pro tip – put anything you don't want to get wet on the water rides or rain in ziploc bags to keep them dry. List 3 of what to pack for disney world

Antibacterial Hand Gel

Having antibacterial hand gel will save you from unnecessary trips to the bathroom to wash your hands before every snack. Having antibacterial hand gel will ensure your family stays clean and safe throughout the day.

Room Key, Tickets, and Credit Cards

Having your room key, tickets, and credits cards in the same day bag you take with you everywhere helps you keep everything in one place. The good news on your trip to Disney World is that all three of these things are in one place with your magic band.

Band Aids

Having a mini first aid kit on hand is important for bruises and blisters of all sizes. Carrying band aids in your park bag will help keep you out of Disney's first aid office, giving your more time for rides, shows, and eating while at the Disney parks.

The Contemporary
The Contemporary

Disney Packing List Item #4: Warm Weather Essentials


While Florida is known for its warm and balmy weather, few prepare you for how hot and humid it can get. By making sure that you and your family are prepared to create your own breeze if you’re planning to join during Spring or Summer (sometimes even Fall and Winter). #4 list of what to pack for Disney world.

Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is essential when trekking miles through Disney World's theme parks. By packing a water bottle, you always have a source of hydration at the ready to stay cool, comfortable, and safe. Furthermore, you can refill your water bottle with ice water for free at most food service locations!


Misting fans might sound like a luxury, but quickly become essential items when the temperatures rise. Keep one in your bag for when the breeze stills and humidity settles in.

Disney Packing List Item #5: Entertainment

Despite traveling to one of the most entertaining places on earth, it’s still important that you have entertainment at the ready for long lines at rides, lengthy waits before fireworks, or the magical express from the airport to the hotel.


One of the most important things on your Disney packing list if you have small children are games. Even if you're visiting Disney World during a season with lower crowds, there will be times that even the most magical place on earth is not magical enough to keep children busy. By packing an iPad, book, or other games, you can save yourself from a mini meltdown no matter the wait time.


While Disney World has a variety of snack options, having additional food on hand when you're waiting is another essential piece to your Disney packing list. Having snacks on hand proactively avoids any hunger-induced meltdowns and breaking the budget french fry by french fry.


Disney Packing List Item #6: Energy

External Battery Charger

Having an external battery charger at the ready is important when you plan to spend a day outside of the hotel room and inside the Disney Parks. Remember that you might be using your cell phone more than you're used to and might drain the battery faster. Considering that your phone is your ticket, map, and main means of communication, a charger is an essential item on our Disney World packing list.

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