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What’s The Difference Between Disneyland And Disney World Theme Parks?

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Disneyland vs. Disney World: Location and Size

Many people ask what the main difference is between the two parks, and it ultimately comes down to one factor: the location. Walt Disney World is in Orlando, Florida, while Disneyland is a park near Anaheim, California (mere south of Los Angeles). Those two factors alone can influence your trip. Depending on where you live on the eastern side, you may have a better chance at Disney World, likewise, for West Coasters. In addition to the location, the two homes have VERY different sizes. Of those two, the Disneyland Resort is more prominent.

The most considerable difference between Disneyland and Disney World is the theme park. According to Parksavers.com, Disneyland is around 600 square miles. Disney World is more than 43 square km, making Disneyland the most significant entertainment destination globally.

what's the difference between disneyland and disney world

Which Disney theme park opened first?

Disneyland Park, formally dubbed “Disneyland,” was opened in Anaheim's Los Angeles on July 17, 1955. Walt Disney himself would design the infamous Disneyland. Walt Disney World established Walt Disney World on October 1, 1971, at Bay Lake, Florida. The older brother of Walt helped design and open DisneyWorld after Walt died in 1966. “The Miami Project” was the initial name for the great theme park. It was a proposed park in Miami intended to complement Disneyland.

Disneyland vs. Disney World: Theme Parks

Because Disney and Disneyland have different sizes, it makes a big difference regarding theme parks. The property has several theme park options. The Disney World Resort has four theme parks, while the Disneyland Resort has two themed parks on the property! Although Disneyland appears similar to Disney World, it is very different from the Magic Kingdom, the other parks are almost exclusively different.

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Different Theme Parks

California hosts Disneyland parks and Disney California adventures. Disneyland is a tiny place with nine themed locations ranging from Main Street to FantasyLAND to Star Wars Galaxy Edge & Downtown Disney District. Disney World has several attractions in Florida. Disney World encloses an ESPN Sports Area, several golf courses, two water parks – Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach – and Disneyland Springs District.

Disneyland vs. Disney World: Best time to visit

Due to a lack of tourist attractions, the pandemic has made it impossible to get to Disneyland World during the day. While both parks slowly reopen, the home state for the parks has different requirements that often vary for vacations. In the past, Disneyland was the advantage for choosing the most appropriate time for a visit. Why is this? In the winter, the temperature drops to 50 degrees; in the summer, the maximum average temperature is 84 degrees.

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Disneyland Resorts and Hotels

The Disneyland Resort has 3 different Disney Hotel options for your holiday. But because Disneyland is small and enclosed within Anaheim, many other hotels offer similar services and often serve as “good neighbors” hotels with many amenities as Disney resorts. I love Disneyland. Can you save money by escaping the property but still enjoy the great attractions?

Walt Disney World Resorts & Hotels

DisneyWorld operates more than 25 vacation rental properties across the World. The Disney Resort has three types: Deluxe, Moderate, and Luxury. Disney Deluxe Resort features classics like Polynesians Village Resort and Contemporary Resort and new properties like Beach Club Resort, Yacht Club Hotel, and Riviera Resorts. Typically a moderate Disney Resort includes Caribbean Beach Resort, Coronado Springs Resort, and Port Orleans Resort. Disney World's Value Resorts are the easiest for a cheap Disney vacation, including AllStar Resorts, Art of Animation, and Pop Century.

Disney World or Disneyland

Disneyland vs. Disney World: Hotels

Disney hotels in Anaheim at Disneyland: Disney Hotel and Grand California Hotel, Disney Paradies Pier Resort, and Disneyland Hotel. Additionally, because Disneyland's smaller size is close to non-Disney hotels, there are also more economical accommodations around Disneyland. Disney World has more than 35 different hotels and resorts, including budget-friendly Disney animation and luxuriant safari-like animals and Disney deluxe Polynesian villas and bungalows. There also are nearly 45 “Good Neighbourhood” hotels within 15 km.

Disneyland vs. Disney World: Rides

Overall, Disneyland Park offers over 90 rides and activities, while DisneyWorld has over 165 rides and attractions at four theme parks and two water parks. The theme park has separate rides from its attractions, Disneyland (41 rides) and Disney World's Magic Kingdom (55 rides).

magic kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Disney's Magic Park is a counterpart of the park. The Magic Kingdom maintains the same structure as Disney Park and features several high-quality attractions.

Disneyland vs. Disney World: Opening Day

The Disneyland theme park in Anaheim opened in 1955, and Orlando opened a 16-year run in 1974. The park benefitted from Disney's hindsight; Disney hated that Disney's Disneyland area was being overrun with non-Disney hotel rooms. The Orlando mayor bought a lot of property and a new theme park. By comparison, Disneyland park in Anaheim occupies around 50 acres, and Orlando Park has over 30,000 acres. 6/6 Aaronp/BauerGriffin/Getty Images.

Disneyland vs. Disney World: Transportation

The Park of Anaheim has been small, and the parks and surrounding areas are more accessible. All Disney hotels have a private gate, and the hotel is just minutes from the entrance. If you have a valid park ticket, you may also take the monorail to the Disney District Downtown, a free open-to-the-community outdoor retail center where the parking fee is only $10. The Disneyland monorail was temporarily closed to passengers because of the pandemic.


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Is the World of Disney cheaper than Disneyland?

Tickets are cost-prohibitive. The average cost of one-day Disneyland tickets from April to August 2023 will be $154. A standard Disneyland ticket costs around $160. Disney World tickets are typically approximately 3.9% more expensive.

Is Disney Florida or California better?

Walt Disney World Resort has something to offer for everyone. You must be able to go to every one of the 4 Disney parks in one sitting, have fun with all the attractions simultaneously and attend the fun meeting and greet you need. Disney World guests must plan a shorter stay to enjoy their experience.

Why is Disney World bigger than Disneyland?

Other factors, in addition, are significant in the size of these two houses. Disney World is one of the biggest parks in the United States. Disneyland sits on an Anaheim acreage and has less than 500 acres, while Disney Park itself is a city that covers 40 square miles.

Walt Disney World Resort

Is Disney World worth it over Disneyland?

Both Disneyland Resorts are worth seeing, and your selection depends on when you'll explore the parks. While the whole Disneyland experience could be toured within a day, you would need a full week for the entire Walt Disney World experience.

How much does it cost to go to Disneyland for one day?

Tell me the average price of a day for Disneyland – Park Tickets – It starts at $104 a Day + an additional $65.00 for a Park Hopper option. Food and Drink: $60 per day per person. Transport: $150 to $280 ridesharing round trip to LAX; $10 or more at Anaheim Resort.

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How much is a ticket to Disney World right now?

Standard theme park tickets. Visit the theme park daily. One-day tickets cost between $109 and $89. Prices vary depending on park availability and chosen time. At that moment, the lowest price of an overnight ticket will occur in July and September 2022.

what's the difference between disneyland and disney world
what's the difference between disneyland and disney world

Was Disneyland the first Disney Park?

Disneyland's themes are in Anaheim, California. It opened in 1955 and was The Walt Disney Company's first theme park, and it is the only park designed or built directly with Walt Disney.

How old is Disney World vs. Disneyland?

Disneyland has an age difference of about 16 years. Disneyland began operations in Anaheim on July 17, 1955. Meanwhile, Disneyland's inaugural guests arrived at Bay Lake Buena Vista, Florida, on October 1, 1971.

Which Disneyland is the best?

Disneyland, Calif. Disneyland in California is perhaps the greatest Disneyland on Earth. The hotel opened in 1957 and became a significant tourist attraction. The area is divided into various themed areas such as Main Street, US, Tomorrowland, Dreamlands, and Adventureland.

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What is the better Disneyland Park?

Disneyland Park offers a classic Disney experience with timeless attractions, while Disney California Adventure Park offers contemporary and California attractions. 

Who is Disneyland's most significant competitor?

Despite their differences, the company has rivals. Both companies have a global presence. However, there is competition among the companies for several business segments, namely film and television productions and theme parks and entertainment.

How many acres are at Disney World?

It is hard to imagine what the park is like for a Disney guest to enter. Disney World® Resort covers an estimated 27,000 acres and is currently one of the World's biggest theme parks.

How many acres is Disneyland without California Adventure?

While Disneyland has an area of only 85 acres, while Disneyland's California Adventure is 72 acres.


What's the difference between disneyland and disney world

Disneyland is more prominent and offers nine theme parks, including Main Street Fantasyland, StarWars: Galaxy Edge, and Downtown Disney districts. Disney World has the Disney World Animal Kingdom and Epcot.


While Disneyland and Disney World are owned and operated by Disney, they offer their unique park experience. Both have amazing rides, fantastic resorts, and exceptional dining options. It truly depends on the guest which park is better for them!

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