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Best and Worst Time to Go to Disney World in 2023

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When planning a vacation, one of the first considerations is usually what time of year you want to go. You have to think about holiday schedules, school schedules and work schedules to make sure that the time is right. When it comes to the best and worst time to go to Disney World, the answer isn’t as clear as you might hope. There are lots of things to consider when planning a trip.

Disney World Weather

Disney World is located in Orlando, Florida, a state that enjoys temperate weather year-round. The average temperature in Orlando in January is 72 degrees. It's a prime choice for Disney fans looking to escape freezing cold temperatures back home. The sunny climate allows Disney World to remain busy throughout the year.

If you want to avoid big crowds and sweltering heat, then May through October are the months to skip. The temperature averages between 85 and 92 degrees from late spring to early fall. Kids are usually on summer vacation in June, July and August, leading to increased attendance numbers. High temperatures and lots of vacationing families put May through October on the list of worst times to go to Disney World.

Hurricane season in Florida runs from June 1 to November 30, with peaks in August in September. While the tropical Florida climate usually features high humidity and a perennial chance of showers, hurricane season can make things feel even balmier.  

Weather aside, there are other things to consider when planning a trip to Disney World if you're looking to avoid the worst time to go to Disney World: Holidays, school vacations, Disney World holiday celebrations and theme weekends and RunDisney race weekends, to name a few.

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Holidays, big crowds at Disney world

Holidays and theme weekends like the Food and Wine Festival or RunDisney weekends are also among the worst times to go to Disney World. They attract large crowds of veteran fans and newcomers looking to join in the fun. Special events also mean lots of exclusive merchandise being released, and that can increase the number of people visiting the parks. 

There’s a lot of overlap when it comes to the worst time to go to Disney World. October is a very warm month that sees huge crowds at the theme park during the annual Halloween celebration. Halloween and Christmas are the two biggest holiday celebrations at Disney World and fans flock to the parks to celebrate. 

Another consideration is that lots of people are traveling to Disney World after being away during the pandemic. Traditional “off-season” periods are seeing big jumps in attendance because of the high demand to get back to the parks. 

When it comes to the worst time to go to Disney World, it’s really a matter of preference. If hot, balmy weather and big crowds don’t bother you then the summer months are a fine time to visit. If you want to get caught up in the madness of a Halloween or Christmas celebration, visiting Disney spring from August through early January won’t be a big deal. For anyone looking to avoid big crowds, hot, sticky weather and possible bad weather, then the worst time to go to Disney World falls between May and December.

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